My poem won a grand prize

I ended my National Poetry Month challenge (write a poem a day) with a dozen new poems. I sent out seven poems to various publications and contests and boy, did I hit the mark! Old Fashioned Ice Cream hosts an open mic every month in downtown Selma NC. My poem "English" won the grand prize... Continue Reading →

Poetry month challenge

It's National Poetry Month! Every April I like to challenge myself to write a poem a day for 30 days. So far I have "The Errant Corgi," "God of the Canopy of Trees," "Unkissed," and "My Backyard Neighbor Miss Betty." When I find a word or phrase I like I park it for later. I... Continue Reading →

Little Towns

The year 2021 is almost over! I’ve been doing “tech week,” where I go through and delete emails, update social media, and set goals for 2022. Life got so busy after my first book was released, I didn’t even market my second book, or do a blog post about it. So here it is. Little... Continue Reading →

My first podcast interview

My new book is out and I loved taking the plunge for my first podcast / YouTube interview with Jen Lowry! It was easy! No it wasn't! Jen made it LOOK easy. What you didn't see was the time I invested behind the scenes to ensure I made the most out of the opportunity she... Continue Reading →

Birthing a book

Done, done, done. I've released my book, A Heart for Selma, 12 Stories of Activate Selma NC. It was soooooo like giving birth, complete with two Artist’s Way writers supporting me on Zoom like a midwife and doula during the past few months, reminding me to breathe in peace, breathe out fears (thank you, Angie... Continue Reading →

Coffee brings community

Time to re-emerge from my blog post hiatus, and just in time for a good cup of coffee! In the past six months since I last posted I’ve been working on two longer manuscript projects. And just this week I learned that my poem, “Colored,” and a prose piece, “Sheet Cake,” earned honorable mentions in... Continue Reading →

Making art in isolation

I always said, as a joke, I wanted to buy one of those old cottage motels and call it the “Write Your Damn Novel Motel.” No Internet, no TV, no refrigerator or coffee maker. Just a bed, a desk, and your damn butt-in-the-chair.  You get one prison-grade white towel with a green stripe down it,... Continue Reading →

Keep a journal

Writers spend a great deal of time in self-isolation. The dark joke is our daily routine already seems like quarantine. I don’t mean to make light of COVID-19. My daughter is a senior medical technologist in Virginia working on the front lines of testing. My small part is keeping myself parked in rural North Carolina... Continue Reading →

Poems in everyday places

I love my writer friends from Virginia - magazine editor Katharine Gotthardt; documentary filmmaker Victor Rook; nurse Jan Rayl, whose guest-post, "Always Wear Clean Underwear," remains one of the most-read pieces on my blog. All are members of Write by the Rails, the Prince William Chapter of the Virginia Writer’s Club. Their latest literary activism is... Continue Reading →

Exploring art in summer

Every Tuesday this summer I’ve been hanging out at the Harrison Center for Active Aging in Selma, North Carolina. First, there’s air conditioning. Second, there are artists. They range in age, greeting each other and quickly setting up art supplies to begin working on plastic covered tables. Creativity and conversation commences. Jim props up his canvas... Continue Reading →

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