Write by the Rails Endless Possibilities Tour Recap

Thanks to authors Nick Kelly and Stacia Kelly, I have not only started my own blog, but successfully survived my first blog tour. Here is a recap of my guest posts on at least a dozen local writers' blogs in the Prince William and Manassas, Virginia area:Philippa Ballantine’s Blog, “Twitterpated,” http://www.pjballantine.com/2014/02/25/guest-post-twitterpated/Angela Bryce’s Blog, “Don’t Get Lost... Continue Reading →

WbtR Blog Tour Guest Post: Jan Rayl

Today's guest writer is Jan Rayl, a writer and a nurse. Hey, nurses get right to the point. Always wear clean underwear If your mother is anything like mine she told you more than once, “Always wear clean underwear, in case you get into an accident.” Your mom had a fear that if you got... Continue Reading →

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