I started meditating every morning with an online group in January. We meet on Zoom at around dawn, two dozen people from several countries, each of us in our little boxes on the computer monitor. A different person leads each day, having hand-picked a 15-to-20-minute meditation from any of numerous sites online, or by reading... Continue Reading →

Little Towns

The year 2021 is almost over! I’ve been doing “tech week,” where I go through and delete emails, update social media, and set goals for 2022. Life got so busy after my first book was released, I didn’t even market my second book, or do a blog post about it. So here it is. Little... Continue Reading →

Are we there yet?

Roads May Get Us There, but Streets Are the Platforms for Building Wealth I may not be a transportation expert, but I know what a road is. Or at least I thought I did. As a supporter of Strong Towns and an "activator" in Activate Selma NC, sparking change in Selma, North Carolina, I eagerly... Continue Reading →

Make Your Town Stronger

I follow Strong Towns  because it offers free case studies on how to breathe life into a decaying town. Don't want to make a "stroad" mistake when development rolls your way? Follow Strong Towns. Last March I pre-ordered founder Charles Marohn Jr.'s new book, Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity and this past Saturday, I... Continue Reading →

Exploring art in summer

Every Tuesday this summer I’ve been hanging out at the Harrison Center for Active Aging in Selma, North Carolina. First, there’s air conditioning. Second, there are artists. They range in age, greeting each other and quickly setting up art supplies to begin working on plastic covered tables. Creativity and conversation commences. Jim props up his canvas... Continue Reading →

Beating the bounds

I’ve been Episcopal most my life, but only discovered “Rogation Days” a few weeks ago. “Is that another one of those secret Episcopal things that everyone seems to know but me?” I asked my Sunday School teacher. I can be snarky with him, because he’s my husband. I gave him an example. “Like at the... Continue Reading →

My story in Carolina Woman

My short story, “Ain’t Just a River,” just won Second Prize in the annual Carolina Woman Magazine Writing Contest! The story is now published in the May/June 2019 issue. I’m tickled that the piece will get a wide circulation (the magazine is distributed to 500 locations in the Triangle area to a readership of 100,000).... Continue Reading →

The Blue Yarn Talks to Me

Earlier this month, Leslie Averill and I started a “Restless Hands Knitting Circle” that meets Wednesdays at 10 am at the Selma NC Visitor Center, 112 E. Anderson Street in uptown Selma, NC. It’s a pilot meetup for knitting, crocheting or any kind of craft right now, since it's "slow time" on Leslie’s Arrowhead Farm, and I... Continue Reading →

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