Shredding papers

  Brrr. I am penned in by snow, ice and brutal cold in rural eastern North Carolina, so my winter-bound tasks, besides writing, are two things: 1) death cleaning and 2) tax prep. Death cleaning is the current popular term for “don’t leave a mess for your children.” That means organizing, simplifying and downsizing. In... Continue Reading →


The Eyes Have It

This holiday I received an early gift: New vision. My eye doctor, who writes science fiction, had been urging me to get cataract surgery for three years. I delayed. These eyes are my main tools as a writer, I told him. I don’t mess with them. Just the thought of someone cutting into my eyeballs... Continue Reading →

Waiting for the Doctor

Nothing makes me more humble than sitting in a tiny exam room at the clinic, waiting for the doctor to enter. Time expands. In the waiting room, there is an endless stream of people to probe and measure, diagnose and prescribe. We are all slowly floating along, vinyl tubes in a wide, slow river. I... Continue Reading →

What Are You Doing For Exercise?

That’s the second question I get asked, after “how did you lose all that weight?” Meet Nina Lomax. She’s my personal trainer. I work out with her three times a week. I met Nina when she exhibited at the Prince William Chamber’s Women’s Leadership Conference. She runs Body Conscience Fitness Consulting and Personal Training. You... Continue Reading →

How Did You Lose All That Weight?

This past month I turned 60 years old. I turned 60 on the day my youngest child graduated college, loaded up his car and left Virginia in his rear view mirror. He’s in Hot-lanta now. This past month my daughter also set the date for her wedding – May 30, 2015. That means I have... Continue Reading →

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