My story in Carolina Woman

My short story, “Ain’t Just a River,” just won Second Prize in the annual Carolina Woman Magazine Writing Contest! The story is now published in the May/June 2019 issue. I’m tickled that the piece will get a wide circulation (the magazine is distributed to 500 locations in the Triangle area to a readership of 100,000).... Continue Reading →


Counting Sheets

Every April I challenge myself to write a poem a day for National Poetry Month. Here is the poem I drafted on April 2. When we cleaned out her house We found lists everywhere White index cards with her loopy cursive Line after line in black ballpoint. Put in Dining Room: Blue Hurricane Vase Walnut... Continue Reading →

Writing during times of turmoil

We all have times of crisis in our lives. Mine is happening now. In two weeks, the one-day writers’ conference that I’ve been planning since last July takes place in Selma, North Carolina. I’ve worked events before, and those last two weeks before D-day are critical. The slightest mistakes can throw a wrench in the... Continue Reading →

Doggone wasteful thoughts

It all started when I was at the eye doctor’s, rifling through a stack of waiting room periodicals. I paused at an article on animal waste in a hunting & fishing magazine. It offered a visual guide to bear’s waste (a dark pudding-like blob), hogshead snake’s waste (a furry lump of something not fully digested)... Continue Reading →

The Blue Yarn Talks to Me

Earlier this month, Leslie Averill and I started a “Restless Hands Knitting Circle” that meets Wednesdays at 10 am at the Selma NC Visitor Center, 112 E. Anderson Street in uptown Selma, NC. It’s a pilot meetup for knitting, crocheting or any kind of craft right now, since it's "slow time" on Leslie’s Arrowhead Farm, and I... Continue Reading →

Fixing Downtown

On December 7, I joined others to watch a live webinar in the Selma NC Fire Department conference room, called “Fixing Downtown: Where the Heck Do We Start?” Hosted by the Destination Development Association, the facilitator, Roger Brooks, a tourism speaker and expert, showcased four case studies of small towns that turned around with local support... Continue Reading →

The coffee’s on

Even in the dreary rain, Selma draws me uptown. I cross the tracks after the morning CSX train passes, park and open the visitor center. The “Shop Small” welcome mat drip dries on the railing while I drag the "Selma Art Pop-Up" sandwich board to the sidewalk. Inside the cold Jernigan building, I turn the sign to... Continue Reading →


I was leaving Pine Level, driving toward Selma one morning when I saw this tree: A hardwood splayed into a painfully widespread “Y” by a utility crew in a bucket truck. I get why it was trimmed. It was a preemptive strike, to protect utility lines before the hurricane. And indeed, Florence unleashed devastation on eastern... Continue Reading →

Twitter theologians

Every morning I sit down with coffee to read meditations and compose my own. I check social media and today I realized how many theologians I've been following. Their tweets are funny or serious, but always challenging -- to be present, to be aware, to take action, to share the Good News. Here are six of my favorites: Tim... Continue Reading →

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