My first podcast interview

My new book is out and I loved taking the plunge for my first podcast / YouTube interview with Jen Lowry! It was easy!

No it wasn’t!

Jen made it LOOK easy. What you didn’t see was the time I invested behind the scenes to ensure I made the most out of the opportunity she offered me.

Here are ten things I learned about prepping for a podcast / YouTube interview:

  1. Respond to the invitation right away!
  2. Schedule the interview as soon as possible. I had a week’s notice.
  3. Look at the interviewer’s website. Who is her audience?
  4. Check out other interviews with the same host.
  5. Set up your interview space to match the host’s style.
  6. Have your book in front of you as a prop.
  7. Bookmark a pull quote or excerpt to read if asked.
  8. Write down anything you stumble to remember, including your own website!
  9. Give the audience value-added information and tips they can use.
  10. Thank your host and follow up by sharing her site everywhere!

The one thing I didn’t anticipate: Because I live in a rural area, we both realized the low bandwidth of the local broadband service was going to cause an inescapable lag in the video. While my audio was uninterrupted, at times my lips and reactions wouldn’t match. Jen did a great job of setting up her audience to forgive “country living” and we forged ahead.

Thank you, Jen Lowry for inviting me to be your guest! If you’d like to listen and/or watch the interview, here are the links.

YouTube Link:

Audio Podcast  Link:

Blog post:

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