Exploring art in summer

Every Tuesday this summer I’ve been hanging out at the Harrison Center for Active Aging in Selma, North Carolina. First, there’s air conditioning. Second, there are artists.

art 1They range in age, greeting each other and quickly setting up art supplies to begin working on plastic covered tables. Creativity and conversation commences. Jim props up his canvas with four pelicans painted on it and begins to build the scene around them – wooden pylons, a row of beach shacks, a vesper sky. And because it is his birthday, he pulls paintings out of his knapsack to gift each of us. I am honored with my own humming bird.

art 2.jpgJudy snagged 13 wooden cheese hoops for five dollars apiece from the 301 Endless Yard Sale and offers them to the others. Young Abby takes one and carefully begins sketching and painting anime characters.  At a subsequent session, I commission Abby to sand and paint a weather beaten and chipped end table. Whatever she creates, I know, will be fantastic.

art 5Being a writer, I’m teaching myself and others black-out poetry, with instructions from the local library’s poetry contest. I took a page from a magazine, using a highlighter to “blue-out” the words I didn’t want to use for my poem, “Amazing Blue.” Right now my poem is on display with other entries at the Smithfield Library. The winners will be announced Aug. 3.

art 7I also painted rocks with others, using glow-in-the-dark paint. The practice session went so well, I made “painting mandala rocks” part of the Summer Solstice Labyrinth Walk at our church. art 9

I pulled out a piece of material to begin drawing and beading another finger labyrinth. I like to make them and give them away to people who are disabled and can’t walk the stone path.art 11

Then last Tuesday, I started an art journal. Chris, the artist who took my Zulu bead work and added a copper clasp to it for a bracelet, let me borrow a magazine on art journaling. I took a torn journal I’d picked up at a yard sale and practiced, cutting out magazine pictures and mounting them and making a page to celebrate one of my poems, “Selma at the Crossroads” (an early version of the poem is in one of my blog posts. The finished poem resides in the Selma time capsule). For my first attempt at art journaling, I am pleased enough that I’m going to take another one my poems next week and create an art journal page for it.

art 12.jpgI am enjoying these summer creative connections! I’ve also been hanging out at a general store in Four Oaks for write-ins (a goat farmer and an actress came to our last one!), and today, I’m going to Live at The Rudy, a musical theater in Selma to enjoy one of their Summer Jubilee performances.

The theater is air-conditioned, too!



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