Counting Sheets

Every April I challenge myself to write a poem a day for National Poetry Month. Here is the poem I drafted on April 2.

free image from Pixabay

When we cleaned out her house

We found lists everywhere

White index cards with her loopy cursive

Line after line in black ballpoint.

Put in Dining Room:

Blue Hurricane Vase

Walnut Crisscross Shadowbox

17-piece Bellagio Utensil Set with Wall Rack

Tiffany-Style Touch Lamp

Dark Blue Whistling Tea Kettle


Look for! ???

Tablecloth with fringe in garage hamper

Damask off-white chair covers – new

Grandma’s unfinished bedspread

(couldn’t find right thread)

Silver 3-candle centerpiece bowl

New brown rain bonnet?

Charm bracelet with G.E.M. on heart

1940 Christmas gift, still in box

Was in storage closet – gone


We tried year after year to help her downsize

The hoard, days wasted moving things around

Or counting used sheets. Only a crisis

Would force change. The nursing home did.

And now, here we are, tossing junk into a dumpster

And filling bag after donation bag to the Goodwill

Finding lists, pitiful lists on white index cards

Loopy cursive in black ballpoint or my own

Block printing in blue: 5 twin flat cotton,

3 full flat 50/50 percale, 1 extra long fitted.




One thought on “Counting Sheets

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  1. we are leading parallel lives. I’m so sorry. For the things we collect, the notes we leave, for the dumpsters we fill….

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