What Are You Doing For Exercise?

That’s the second question I get asked, after “how did you lose all that weight?”

Meet Nina Lomax.

nina xx

She’s my personal trainer. I work out with her three times a week.

I met Nina when she exhibited at the Prince William Chamber’s Women’s Leadership Conference. She runs Body Conscience Fitness Consulting and Personal Training. You can watch her videos here: http://fithealthylady.com/. Or contact her here: ninalomax@comcast.net or 703.361.7205; cell: 571.247.2811.

I’ve heard people snark because Nina is very vocal about wanting to help hard driving businesswomen stop driving themselves into an early grave with an unhealthy lifestyle. I’ve even told Nina, “People don’t like you saying ‘I want to get my hands on her’ out loud.”

But you know, after hearing people ask me day after day, “what are you doing for exercise?” my advice is, let Nina get her hands on you! She’s worked miracles molding me.

I was 314 pounds, my overeating was out of control, and I had foot and knee problems, to the point where I needed two operations. I’ve spent 30 years sitting at a computer and not exercising at all.

Nina helped me work out before, in between and after my operations at Novant Health Prince William Hospital and recovery time at Advantage Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation in Manassas. After more than a year with her, Nina helped me transition to a fitness facility where I was motivated to work out three times a week, but four months went by and I didn’t lose a single pound. Instead of renewing my gym membership, I went back to Nina.

Now, after just several weeks of working out three times a week I’ve lost 3 more pounds. I take the relaxing drive to her lemon-yellow house in the rolling countryside of the Brentsville District, across from a field of horses. To warm up, I do cardio on an elliptical on her sun porch. I can watch deer graze and birds roosting in the grass along weathered outbuildings and gnarled trees. Then I hit the gym for a full hour of lifting weights, ending with abs on the floor. Nina doesn’t boot camp me. Her mantra is to go slow and be intentional with each repetition and each set, alternating to concentrate on lower body and upper body muscles more intensely on different days. In her gym I sometimes work out alone; sometimes with one or two partners; sometimes Nina is my partner. All is measured, careful and challenging. I don’t have to keep track of sets or weights – Nina does all that, and she is constantly mixing it up. I concentrate on proper form. My son even came with me once. After all the times we’d talked about fitness over the phone while he was at college, (he lifted weights and did parkour) he was impressed. “I never thought I’d see my mother doing dead lifts,” he told Nina. Nina showed him how to do squats the proper way. I was so proud of myself.

What I like most about working out with Nina are two main things. First, I don’t feel like a hamster on a wheel, like I did at the fitness facility. I just wasn’t pushing myself there. In Nina’s gym, she sets the pace, and it is always a challenging one. Second, Nina talks to me, and listens. It’s almost like therapy, only instead of sitting on a couch, baring my soul about the daily challenges of changing to a healthier lifestyle in a world that is geared to tempt me to eat fatty-salty-sugary food any time of the day on any corner of the city in any situation….I’m lifting weights and burning energy at the same time. I leave her gym feeling energized and renewed. I work longer, and accomplish more. My moods are more even and I sleep better. As for my body, my clothes fit looser, my posture is improving and I haven’t had a backache since I can remember.

When I come into the gym Nina’s always talking about her latest adventure in bicycling or tennis or dancing. Here she is several years ago, dancing with a friend at the Wine & Jazz Festival in historic downtown Manassas.

WineJazz_Jun 11-17 WineJazz_Jun 11-33
(photos by Linda Hughes)

I’d like to get back to belly dancing at Magnificent Belly Dance in Manassas. I’d like to get my bike fixed and start riding it. I’d like to walk in a 5K. Those may not seem like big goals or adventures, but they are a start.

Thanks, Nina. I’m so glad I met you at the Women’s Conference. I’m so glad I invested in myself to make this change. The quality of my life is so much better now than it was when I was carrying all that extra weight around. I look forward to a productive summer in your gym, and losing the next 60 pounds over the next year.


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