How Did You Lose All That Weight?

This past month I turned 60 years old. I turned 60 on the day my youngest child graduated college, loaded up his car and left Virginia in his rear view mirror. He’s in Hot-lanta now.

This past month my daughter also set the date for her wedding – May 30, 2015. That means I have 12 months to lose the last 60 pounds. My gift to her – a healthy mom.

It hasn’t been easy. Two years ago, when this photo was taken, I weighed 314 pounds.

Cindy in June 2012
Cindy in June 2012

At my son’s graduation, I weighed 241.

Cindy in 2014
Cindy in 2014

People keep asking how I lost 73 pounds. Did I have bariatric surgery? No. That wouldn’t work for me. I am a compulsive overeater. Even if I had the surgery, I’d just gain the weight back. Did I join Weight Watchers? Many times. I would lose 15 pounds and gain back 20.

No, I had to face my addiction to food – specifically sugar and wheat – in “the rooms.” I found a local meeting of Overeaters Anonymous. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. The program is based on Alcoholics Anonymous, so even though I’ve outed myself here, if you think you have a problem with food, you can remain anonymous, and you can get help. Just go to the national website at or to the website local to Northern Virginia at and look for a local meeting, a phone meeting or listen to podcasts of speakers, send off for reading materials or in other ways explore the program. It is working for me. I have seen it work for others. It offers strength and hope whereas commercial programs just took my money and asked “next!” to the person in line to get on a scale.

Once in the rooms, I found out it isn’t even a diet and calories club. It’s about way more than that. So losing 70 pounds – that’s just physical recovery. I’m also finding emotional and spiritual recovery in the process.

I also found, with the help of professionals outside the OA program, an eating plan and exercise that work for me. I’ll post about what I’m doing for my own success later. You have to find what works for you.

So when I say my goal is to lose 60 pounds in my 60ieth year…yes, that is my intention, and I’ve posted it above my computer. I’m logging in what I’m doing to reach that goal, and recording energy in, energy out.

But really, I just want recovery, today, one day at a time. Peace, which I didn’t have before, when I was reaching for the extra food that my body didn’t need for energy, or for the food I was simply addicted to because of the way my brain reacts to it. I have peace today, thanks to OA.


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