Write by the Rails Blog Tour Guest Post: Linda S. Johnston

Journaling and Finding Your Inner Turtle


Our world moves at a frenetic pace. Innovation allows us to do everything faster – access information, disperse information, travel. Technology hurtles us through time. But can our emotional and spiritual selves keep up?

Don’t get me wrong, I think innovation keeps life dynamic and interesting. But I also think that sometimes it forces us to move faster, whether we want to or not. Maybe I feel like being slow once in a while. We’re all familiar with calling in for a “sick day.” I propose a new term – slow day. Couldn’t we all use a “slow day” once in a while? Maybe I want to be Carolyn Slowsky from the Comcast commercial today. She and Bill just move at their own pace and darn it, they like it. No high speed internet for them. Okay, I do like high speed internet – it has made doing research easier and less tedious. But, can we take another lesson from these fascinating reptiles? I say yes.

Slowing down means allowing our emotional selves to catch up. I sense that people today, especially young people, are uncomfortable with sitting still and being quiet. It makes them feel uneasy and unconnected. Here’s where journaling comes in. Keeping a journal gives ourselves permission to be quiet and to reflect on our day, our life. It allows our souls to take a deep breath.

This is a valuable lesson to teach young people. It says its okay to disconnect for a few minutes each day to allow your inner self to calm down. Unplug, be silent, and record your thoughts. It’s healthy and can help keep us balanced. To me, this is as important a skill as knowing how to solve an algebraic equation.

So today, give yourself permission to slow down, even for a few minutes. Jot down a few thoughts about your Tuesday. And if you think Bill and Carolyn are just a couple of reptilian dullards, think again. Maybe they just know the value of slow.

Thank you Cindy, for letting me be your guest today!

Writer and artist Linda S. Johnston enjoys combining history, art, and nature in her writing. Her first book, Hope Amid Hardship: Pioneer Voices from Kansas Territory, is a collection of pioneer writings on the happy side of life in early Kansas and includes watercolor sketches throughout. To learn more about Linda and her writing, please visit www.lindasjohnston.com


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  1. Linda your perspective on a “slow day” is so true – slowing down has many benefits, including health. I have made a habit to declare a personal holiday every once-in-awhile on a day off. I call it a “Jan Day.” Everyone knows, ok so maybe just my close friends and family, that when a “Jan Day” has been declared do not bother to ask me to do anything for the answer is no. I use a “Jan Day” to read, knit, sit still and just think. Have a cup of tea – just tea no trying to multi-task. It is great and recharges my batteries. I do only what I really want to do at home – I do not go anywhere. I think everyone needs their own personal holiday once in awhile! So go have a “Linda Day” or a “Cindy Day” and enjoy!

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