Write by the Rails Blog Tour Guest Post: Dan Verner

Cindy Brookshire, Woman of the Year 2010, Greater Manassas Christmas Parade
Cindy Brookshire, Woman of the Year 2010, Greater Manassas Christmas Parade


Women of the Year

I am privileged to have a number of terrific women in my life, not the least of whom are my daughters, Amy and Alyssa and my wife of 40 years, Becky.

I also hold a position unique in the area in that I have a relationship with two former Women of the Year. Becky held the position, an honor bestowed by the Manassas Christmas Parade, in 2007, and my writer friend and local writing group Write by the Rails President Cindy Brookshire, garnered that honor in 2010. The award is given each year to a woman who had made significant contributions to the community. Cindy and Becky are alike in that they are quite good at what they do and anyone Cindy doesn’t know in town, Becky does.

Becky rode on the back seat of a beautiful red 1964 Chevrolet Impala convertible. My job was to ride shotgun and not distract from the proceedings, which I managed to pull off.

Cindy told me later that she had imagined someone in one of the houses lining the parade route looking out and being impressed by the Woman of the Year. It turns out that Becky grew up in one of the houses on the parade route, and she had done exactly what Cindy had imagined! Cindy turned her musings into a vignette capturing the experience. Art met life.

I consider myself most blessed to know these two community leaders. Long may they prosper!

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dan verner
Dan Verner recently published On Wings of the Morning, a novel about a Wisconsin farm boy
who becomes a B-17 pilot in World War II. Dan also maintains three blogs–Biscuit
City (
http://ltdanverner.com/), Beyond the Blue Horizon (http://huckfinn47.wordpress.com/) and Preaching to the Choir (http://choirdevotionals.com/). He serves as vice-president of Write by the Rails, the Prince William Chapter of the Virginia Writers Club. To visit Dan on the Write by the Rails Endless Possibilities Blog Tour, go to http://huckfinn47.wordpress.com/. For more information about Write by the Rails, go to www.writebytherails.org.


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  1. I know Cindy does a ton for our local community leadership and she’s an amazing resource for our Write by the Rails author group. So grateful for everything she contributes.
    PS: Impalas rock!

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