Write by the Rails Blog Tour Post: Tamela Ritter

What Doesn’t Kill Us Cindy wanted me to come here today and talk about how to use the pain and suffering you’ve experienced throughout your life without ripping your heart out with each word you write. I imagine there is a reason she wants this subject discussed, I’m just not sure she’s going to like... Continue Reading →

Write by the Rails Blog Tour Guest Post: Katherine Gotthardt

Dear Readers,It is such a pleasure to be here on Cindy's blog!  Cindy is truly one of the most talented, inspiring women I've ever met.  Her enthusiasm for community service and creativity spills over wherever she goes, and it's because of her that Write by the Rails has become so successful in encouraging other writers,... Continue Reading →

The last place.

All my life I’ve made plans, scrapped plans, re-engineered plans, tackled plans, accomplished plans, taken on new plans, made lists, checked off lists, taped new lists over old lists. Get an education. Get a job. Fall in love. Get married. Have children. Wash diapers. Get a new job. Bake bread. Bury a husband. Marry again.... Continue Reading →

Stand in the place where you live

I live in a growing city. It is important to be informed, to participate and to vote.I watch City Council meetings on cable TV or on the city website. I help at the registrar’s office and during elections. I attend town hall meetings when I can. I attended one in December, and saw my legislators... Continue Reading →

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